Van Windows

Vans are some of the most commonly used vehicles for businesses in the world. Their excellent combination of cost-effectiveness, ease in operation, and versatility in providing ample cargo space for tools, equipment, or even passengers have made them a popular choice across just about every industry there is. At the same time, there are some distinct drawbacks to using vans. One of the most common problems with a van is a distinct lack of visibility.

Van Windows

Transform Your Company’s Vans

Whilst a van itself is indeed easy enough to operate, the typical van has greatly reduced driver visibility due to its solid side panels instead of windows. This can be disorienting for van operators used to driving vehicles with more visibility such as cars or utes. Thankfully, there’s a way around this problem: relying on custom van outfitters to convert otherwise blank van panels into windows. Here’s how you can transform your company’s vans from visual liabilities into easy-to-drive transportation options.

Light, Air & Vision

Fitting a van with windows is absolutely crucial for driver safety, as the additional visibility these windows provide can help the driver make turns, change lanes, and back their vehicle up much more accurately than if they were simply relying on the standard visibility provided by the van’s existing windows and its wing mirrors. That being said, there are more benefits to a van fitted with additional windows that go even further than increased driver safety.


Sliding Windows

One of the most noteworthy advantages of a van that’s been fitted with windows is an increase in light within the van itself. This has a number of benefits, whether it’s an ease in finding tools and equipment stowed in the back of the vehicle or greater comfort for travelling passengers in a van that’s been fitted with additional seating. Another excellent bonus is in the case of having a van fitted with sliding windows, as this provides sometimes much-needed ventilation to the interior of a van, providing for a measure of climate control that would otherwise not be present.


Van Windows Light

Rely on the Professionals For
Custom Window Fitouts

Custom Van Window Fitouts

Customising your normal everyday panel van by fitting it out with additional windows isn’t for the faint of heart. This is, quite obviously, something that your average van owner can’t handle by themselves, even if you’re running your own business that relies on a fleet of vehicles to get things done. The process is an involved one, as it entails cutting existing metal panels and fitting windows properly in their place. 


Additionally, complications such as the size of the windows you’re fitting, whether you’re using fixed windows versus sliding windows, and whether you’re tinting these windows for security or privacy all make the task of custom window installation a nearly insurmountable one to be sure! Or it would be, unless you had a powerful ally on your side. This is where we come in. 

We've Got The Skills & Experience

We’ve got the skills, the experience, and the tools and equipment to provide you with fully fitted out and customised vans. From roof racks and internal shelving to additional seating and, yes, even new van windows, we’re ready, willing, and able to transform a single van or an entire fleet. 


We’ll provide you the professional service you need to bring out the full potential of your vans so you can continue to work safely and efficiently, no matter your industry sector. For the best in custom windows, or any other type of van fit-out and customisation, contact us today to see how we can revitalise your fleet!