Van Shelving & Van Storage Systems

Those of us who work for a living by providing essential services like plumbing, electricity, or telecommunications know how difficult it can be to conduct on-site installation, maintenance, and repair work without the right logistical support. 


You need the proper tools, the right equipment, and an efficient way to transport both yourself and all of those tools and equipment to a worksite. In essence, you need the equivalent of a mobile workshop that you can deploy anywhere you need to be to provide your industry-specific solution.



What does this mean on a practical level? You need a work vehicle, something that will get you from point A to point B so you can respond to service calls. There are a variety of options, and many tradies rely on pickup trucks or utes to transport themselves and their essential tools from site to site. 


Yet even more use vans, and for good reason: they’re a versatile and affordable option, the most cargo storage possible — but only if they’ve been fitted out with van shelving to keep things neat, tidy, and organised.

Van Shelving

The Necessity of Van Storage Systems

Tradies love vans for the massive amount of cargo space they provide. And while the interior of a van is cavernous, it’s also bare: there’s little to nothing in the way of places to store or organise equipment or materials needed to get the job done. This makes van shelving or even fully-fledged van storage systems an absolute must. There’s really no other way around it, considering you can’t just let your toolbox slide about in the back of your van every time you turn a corner!

Van storage systems provide you the best use of your van space. Custom-designed to match the dimensions of your vehicle, these storage systems can be fitted to the interior of your work van and provide a framework for shelf space for larger tools and equipment and pull-out drawers for smaller components such as pipe fittings and hand tools. Not only does this provide high levels of organisation, it also helps keep everything safe and secure in your van during transit, making it easy to set up your mobile workstation upon arriving at your worksite.

Van Shelving Doing It Right

Van shelving - Doing It Right

Along with other options such as racking, floor mats, and cargo dividers, van shelving systems are integral to providing your van with the organisation it needs to act as the perfect work vehicle. 


This makes fitting your van out with van shelving an absolute necessity. Yet van shelving installation isn’t necessarily something you should be doing yourself unless you have the proper knowledge and experience. 


Instead, you need to do it right by having the experts take over and get the job done on your behalf.

That’s exactly where we come in. As a family-owned van customisation and fit-out company that’s been providing our services for years, we know what it takes to install custom van storage systems. 

Van Shelving Skills & Expertise

We have the skills and expertise to ensure your van conversion goes smoothly and gets done swiftly, and we’ll work with you every step of the way. From the consultation and planning phases where we help you design your van storage system to installation and testing for safety and stability, you can rest assured that your van, or even your entire fleet of work vehicles is in good hands.

Ready to take your work van to the next level of efficiency and productivity? Contact us today and we’ll get started!