Van Seating Solutions

Vans are versatile vehicles, capable of acting as a transportation solution for a number of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. While many vans are used for transporting tools and equipment, they’re also often used to provide passenger transport. This almost always requires having your bog-standard van customised by adding additional seating.

Van Seating Solutions

Here’s everything you need to know about van seating solutions.

Seating Transformation

Additional seating transforms your van into a vehicle that not only transports more passengers but does so in higher levels of comfort. 

This results in higher levels of customer satisfaction — and if you’re in the business of moving clients or customers from Point A to Point B, customer satisfaction is a must. 

No one’s going to want to do business with your transportation company if your vehicles can’t offer a comfortable ride!

Adding Extra Seating

At the same time, adding extra seating to your run-of-the-mill van isn’t something you should be doing yourself. You need expert advice and aid in transforming a van into a people mover that you know is a safe and reliable method for transporting passengers. Lucky for you, you’ve got us waiting in the wings to show you the way. 

Van Seating Transformation

Types of Van Seating Solutions

Believe it or not, you do have a bit of variety when it comes to the types of seating solutions you have at your disposal. The three most common solutions include coach-style seating, side-folding seating, and forward-folding seating. Each type of seating solution has its own advantages and disadvantages, offering anyone who’s looking to expand the seating capacity of their van an appropriate choice.

Coach Style Van Seating

Coach-Style Seating

Coach-style seating are fixed seats. Usually bench-style seating arranged in two or more rows depending on the size of the vehicle, coach-style seating is the simplest and often the most affordable way to expand your seating options. Meanwhile, side-folding seats offer a hybrid approach. These seats aren’t as efficient when it comes to increasing passenger capacity, as they are typically installed along the left and right panels of the van, but they do allow more room for cargo if necessary thanks to their capability of being folded up.

Forward-Folding Seats

Forward-folding seats are easily the most versatile option. Configured in rows like coach seating, these seats can not just fold down when not in use to provide cargo space but they can also be easily removed altogether. Because of how much flexibility they offer, forward-folding seats are often the most expensive to install. That being said, the versatility these seats offer make them an excellent investment in the long run!

Coach Style Van Seating
Don’t take risks with your extra seating installation.

Don’t take risks with your extra seating installation. Rely on us to get the job done safely and securely the first time around. We’ll work with you to find the perfect seating solution for your needs, implement it quickly, and get you back on the road ferrying passengers in no time. Contact us now and learn how we can supercharge your van’s carrying capacity today!

Expert Help in Expanding Your Seating Options

It’s not enough that you need to increase the seating solutions for your vans — you also need to ensure your extra seating is installed properly and tested for safety and security. That’s where we come in. Our qualified van fitout experts can install and test your new additional seating and provide you with a bona fide safety certificate. This not only offers peace of mind to both you and your passengers but additionally provides you with support in the event of an accident that may expose your company to legal liability.

As experts in customising vehicles to suit all sizes of businesses, we know what it takes to get the job right each and every time.

Van Seating Options