Van Interiors

The humble work van is a thing of beauty. It boasts massive amounts of storage, it’s easy to drive, and it’s comparably affordable, making it the choice for dozens of different industries. Vans are used to move cargo, to make service and repair calls, and to even provide transportation services., making them a versatile choice for any business sector.

In fact, this flexibility is reinforced even further with the ease that vans can be customised, fitted out with different types of shelving, racking, additional seating, and other aftermarket parts and equipment to get the job done.

Van Linings

Yet for all the different options available for van customisation, there is perhaps one that doesn’t get enough credit for its incredible versatility. We’re talking, of course, how a good van lining can transform an interior. We don’t just mean on an aesthetic level, either — van interior lining can provide enhanced functionalities that you need, whether you’re making deliveries, responding to service calls, or even just transporting people from point A to point B. Here’s why van interiors are just so important.

Van Lining For All Seasons

A Van Lining for All Seasons

Let’s face it: the bare floor of a van isn’t good for much. Sure, it’s level, but it’s uneven due to its grooved surface, there’s not much traction thanks to its bare metal construction, and there’s no cushioning whatsoever. A good van lining can change all that. 


Even the simplest of floor coverings can help provide a more stable cargo space environment for anyone who has to be in the back of a van; a carpeted lining, for example, is ideal for a van that’s been fitted out as a people mover, while a rubberized floor lining offers a cushioned surface for hauling cargo.

You Can Even Combine Linings

Even a simple ply floor is enough to make it easier for a work crew to store and retrieve tools and equipment while out on service calls. Of course, it’s not just the floor that can benefit from lining. Van interiors extend to the walls and the interior of the roof as well with ply, carpet, or vinyl depending on what your specific needs are. 


You can even combine linings, such as in-carpet floor vinyl or in-carpet floor rubber to create a multifaceted surface that can accommodate a number of uses, providing additional layers of versatility when vans are being used as a multi-role solution.

Combine Van Linings

Turn to Expert Help for Your Van Lining

Can you fit out your van interior yourself? You certainly can try. The DIY option is always open to you, but there could be many reasons why it’s inadvisable to do so. You might not have the expertise, or access to needed materials. 


Doing it yourself might be inefficient if you’re fitting out a fleet of vans. You simply might just not have the time to get the job done yourself. Whatever your reason, the fact remains that you need expert help to design and implement your van lining.

Efficient And Versatile Van Interiors

That’s where we come in! As a family-owned company with years of experience in custom van fit-outs, we have the tools and expertise needed to transform your van interior to your exact specifications. 


We use our CNC router to cut panels with speed and accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit every time, and we’ll work with you to design a van interior lining that fits your needs. If you’re ready to turn your van interior into its most efficient and versatile, contact us today and we’ll get started!