Van Fitouts

When it comes to mobility solutions for companies large and small, the humble van is often the answer. Favourably comparable to both a pickup truck or a ute in storage capacity and to a car in cost, a van is a “best of both worlds” situation that allows a company’s work crews to be mobile, agile, and effective out in the field on service calls or whilst making deliveries.

Van Fitouts

Comprehensive Custom Solutions

That being said, there are some issues that you need to address if you’re interested in using vans as part of a fleet of work vehicles or even as just a single primary work van. The most telling challenge is the lack of interior fittings for tools, equipment, additional passengers, or anything else. It’s simply not safe to have unsecured cargo in the back of your van, and without having tools and supplies organised and easy to find, efficiency can be an absolute nightmare. This is, of course, why so many van owners fit their vehicles out with custom solutions.

Rack ‘Em Up

The typical van interior resembles nothing more than a large, empty box. A large, flat floor, two wall panels, and a tall roof capped by a pair of doors in the back, a van cargo area is rather bare-bones. It’s hardly the most efficient use of van storage space to simply toss your cargo in the back without another thought, but many van owners do just that. That is unless you turn to a company that specialises in providing custom van fit-outs; in that case, an empty van looks like a blank canvas ready to be turned into something incredible.

Transform The Interior

Van fit-out specialists can transform the interior of a van from drab to fab through the use of customised racking systems that maximise van space whilst also providing the absolute best in storage solutions. Wall-mounted racks with slide-out drawers help keep tools organised and secure whilst in transit. 


Resilient, non-slip padded flooring provides grip and protection. Locking grates offer measures of safety and security. There are even customised framework options available for special applications that don’t fit the most common racking solutions.

Van Fitouts Rack Em Up

This Is No Do-It-Yourselfer

It should be clear at this point that custom van fit-outs with racking systems can turn an empty, disorganised cargo space into one that provides a safe and efficient storage solution, making it easy to both stow tools and equipment for travel and retrieve them whilst on the job. It should also be clear that this is no job for the uninitiated — van fit-outs are not really “do it yourself” jobs. 


You need specific tools, equipment, and access to the best, most high-quality materials to fit out a van properly. That’s why it’s so crucial to turn to a company with the skill and expertise to fit out your van or fleet successfully.

From Single Vans, Vehicle Fleets & Every Size In-Between

This is where we come in. Our family-owned business has been working for years to provide the absolute best service to our client partners when it comes to fitting out their work vehicles. From single vans, massive vehicle fleets, and every size in-between, we’ve taken care of the racking needs of countless companies. From standard fit-outs to custom jobs and beyond, there’s no job too complex that we can’t handle with care and professionalism. 


We’ll work with you and your budget to ensure we provide the most cost-effective solutions to your storage needs. If you’re looking for the absolute best in custom van fit-outs, contact us today and see how we can transform your work vehicles for the better!