Van Conversions

When it comes to providing the very best in transportation options for skilled trades, there’s nothing quite as good as a van. With their easy operation and massive cargo space, any van can be transformed into a mobile workstation for crews to make service calls with ease. There’s a reason why vans are so popular with tradies, after all!

Van Conversions
Van To Bus Conversions

Van To Bus Conversions

Yet at the same time, there are other ways to use a van effectively that don’t involve transporting tools and equipment that’s not how all vans can be used effectively. One of these is transporting cargo, such as boxes and parcels. 


Another, and perhaps one that is often overlooked, is as a people mover. Van to bus conversions involve quite a bit of work, but doing so turns the blank canvas that is an empty van cargo area into a fully-fledged people transport.

The Van Conversion Process

Converting a panel van into a people mover more takes more than simply tossing a few seats into the back. Yes, installing extra seating is an obvious requirement, but there are all sorts of considerations that need to be made in order to transport people safely and in comfort. 


Vans often need to be redesigned to include carpeted floors and walls, access steps and grab handles to make it easier for passengers to enter and exit a van, thanks to its high suspension, and there needs to be sufficient lighting and windows to provide comfort and visibility whilst you’re transporting those passengers.

Van Conversion Process

Multi-Function, Multi-Purpose Vehicles

The Best Fleet Fitouts

Climate Control

There’s even more, though, when it comes to a van conversion. With the majority of vans only having climate control vents for the driver and front passenger, the back of a van being fitted out for passengers needs to have additional rear aid conditioning.

Transform Your Van

Additionally, vehicles that are destined to be used to help transport disabled people often need to be wheelchair accessible, which necessitates either a ramp or an elevator system to be built into the van. In other words, in order to transform your van into a truly multi-function, multi-purpose vehicle, you’ll need to give it an extensive overhaul!

Van Conversion Experts

Rely on the Van Conversion Experts

It should be clear that the steps necessary to transform a standard van into a people mover aren’t anything that you can do on your own. Whether you’re the owner of a single van that you want to be converted or if you’re managing a fleet of vehicles destined to fill the role of a miniature bus, you’re going to need the skilled expertise of an experienced van fit-out company well-versed in van to bus conversions to tackle the job quickly, safely, and efficiently, all without costing you an arm and a leg in the process.

Everything Your Passengers Need To Ride In Perfect Comfort.

This is where we come in! With years of experience in van customisation, we have the knowledge and staff needed to transform your van into the people mover of your dreams. From making your van wheelchair accessible to simply more comfortable to go for a ride in the back, we’ll work with you to design and implement your chosen fit-out, testing it for safety and security before handing over the keys. 


Window installation, flooring, seating, ventilation, and accessibility — whatever your van needs, we can provide it to you, and all at affordable prices that won’t leave you feeling worn out – everything your passengers need to ride in perfect comfort.

Don’t wait — contact us today. Let us show you how we can convert your van to the perfect people mover that you need!