Van Auto Electrics & Auto Electrical Installations

Vans are the ultimate work vehicles. Their versatility is practically unmatched. While perhaps not as rugged as a pickup truck or a ute, their ability to act as mobile workstations thanks to their superior cargo storage capacity makes them the first choice for untold tradies across the nation and around the world. After all, there’s simply quite nothing better than having all of your tools and equipment at your fingertips right on the other side of a van door, already organised and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Of course, a standard van, as it rolls off the production floor, is much more of a blank slate that needs to be customised and fitted out in order to craft it into the perfect work platform of your choice. In addition to flooring, shelving, and racking systems, vans can (and often should!) be fitted out with advanced electrical systems to provide enhanced support whilst out on the job. That’s why any good van customisation and fit-out company knows the importance of offering auto electrical installations to their client partners!

Auto Electrics

The World of Van Auto Electrics

For most people, the auto electrics that come standard in their vehicle is more than enough. A single car battery provides all the power you need to turn the ignition and support the other electrical needs of a vehicle, such as the headlights, the radio, the interior dome lights, and so on. 


Yet when it comes to commercial vans, the electrical needs of these vehicles can and do often exceed the capabilities of a single car battery. In fact, a quite popular auto electronic customisation involves fitting a dual battery system into a work van to provide additional power.

That’s not all, though.

Enhanced Driving Lights

Additional van auto electrics can also include enhanced driving lights for driving in poor visibility or bad weather conditions, external spotlights to illuminate work sites, proximity sensors such as backup sensors or backup cameras.

240 Volt Inverters

High-capacity internal lighting for illuminating the interior of a van when being used as a mobile workstation, and 240-volt inverters to provide power for accessories and powered hand tools.

Customisation Experts

Whether a work van needs some, most, or all of these features, a qualified van customisation expert can help you expand the electrical capabilities to your specific requirements.


Auto Electrical Installations Done Easy

Unless you’re an electrician yourself, you likely have no business customising your work van with additional auto electrics. Even if you do have the knowledge necessary to design and install van auto electronics, it’s still probably not the best idea to do it yourself, as you may not have the time or resources to complete an installation in a timely manner. Instead, your best bet is always to take the easiest route: enlist the help of an expert in the field of van customisation.

Years Of Experience

This is where we come in. As an industry veteran with years of experience in custom van fit-outs, we know exactly what it takes to redesign your van’s electrical system to accommodate increased capabilities and performance.


Our fully trained, expert staff will work with you to discover what you need from your van’s electrical system, design an approach that will provide you the solutions you require, and then install and fully test your new electronics to ensure they’re working safely and correctly. You’ll have your fully-customised van auto electrics ready to go in no time, and all at a price you can afford.

Don’t delay. Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can take care of your van auto electrical installation needs!