Fleet Fitouts & Fleet Swap overs

Whether it’s to make service calls, deliver products, or any other type of activity, a business that has multiple crews of employees relying on a number of vehicles needs to know those vehicles are fully fitted out and maintained properly and at all times.

Fleet Fitouts

Comprehensive Fleet Fitouts

Every vehicle needs to be kitted out as similarly as possible to the others in your fleet in order to make them truly interchangeable between work crews, and that includes not just tools and equipment but cargo shelving configurations as well.


Without these assurances, your work crews can’t provide their highest levels of efficiency and productivity whilst on the job. You need a trusted partner when it comes to fleet fit-outs, maintenance, and management, and you need it in a hurry to maximise your productivity, boost worker morale, and leave your clients and customers satisfied with your level of service. That’s why you need our expertise.


Expert Service

When it comes to fitting out whole fleets of vehicles, turn to the experts. We’ve got what it takes to provide your entire fleet with everything it needs for you to get the job done. Whether it’s vehicle shelving, van interior lining, side drawer storage installation, or any other specifications, we can take as many vehicles as you need and transform them into the solid, fully-kitted out and high-performing fleet you need to go about your business.

Fleet Fitout Service

We provide some of the best fleet fit-out and customisation services anywhere. But that’s not all...

The Best Fleet Fitouts


We can do for your fleet! We’re also proud to provide ongoing maintenance on your fleet to ensure that all your equipment remains in good working condition on each and every one of your vehicles. You’ll never have to worry that your vehicle equipment and shelving is in solid working order.


We stand behind our workmanship as well as our choice of equipment providers and manufacturers. That’s why we’re proud to offer an ironclad 5-year conditional warranty on not just the quality and performance of the physical items installed in your fleet of vehicles but also the installation work itself.

Safe & Secure​

You can rest assured that your equipment and tools will be safe, secure, and accessible at all times if we’ve fitted out your fleet!

More Than Just Fitouts


Fleet Swap Overs

That’s not the end of our expertise, though. We do more than just brand new fleet fit-outs. In fact, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing vehicle fleet, there’s no reason to toss out your old racking unless completely necessary. That’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

Leave the details of your fleet upgrade to us. We have the ability to evaluate the condition of your still intact racking, strip them from your old vehicles, and fit them to your new, upgraded vehicles, thus providing you considerable savings on your upgraded vehicles. You’re already investing heavily in a new fleet, so it’s important to be cost-effective in fitting it out.

The Final Word on Fleet Fitouts

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand-new fleet of vehicles, optimising your current fleet’s racking systems for better efficiency, or you’re upgrading some or even all of an existing fleet, your vehicles need to be fitted out with consistency and clarity of purpose. If you want the most well-organised fleet in Queensland or beyond, rely on our expertise for your needs. Contact us today!

Optimising Fleet Fitouts