What You Need To Know About Commercial Vehicle Fit-Outs

Fleet Fitouts

For business owners who rely on transporting tools, equipment or other products, their vehicles are the most vital component of their business. 

The team at Tradesform are industry leaders in Commercial Vehicle Fit-Outs, and want to ensure every customer drives away completely satisfied with their vehicles. 

So, if you’re in the market for a commercial vehicle or a commercial vehicle fit-out, here are a few things you need to know.  


Depending on your requirements, a barrier installation is an option to consider for your commercial or fleet vehicle fit-out. For particular industries, having a barrier in your vehicle can assist with equipment storage as well as extra protection for the driver.

A variety of barriers are available; including mesh cargo, vapour resistant, and dual-positioning, as well as air-conditioning curtains. 


One important aspect of a commercial vehicle fit-out is ensuring your vehicle’s interior space is maximised. Installing shelf storage allows more room for larger pieces of equipment to be stored on the floor of your van.

The end result will be a clean and organised work vehicle. 


Van Accessories 

Whether you’re after reversing light alarms, bull bars or nudge bars, roof racks, tow bars, and roof vents, Tradesform offer a wide variety of van accessories to suit every commercial vehicle fit-out.

Regardless of how big or small the fit-out is, we strive to provide our customers with a vehicle that meets all their business needs. 

Van Lining

Depending on the work you’re carrying out with your commercial vehicle, installing robust flooring and walls into your van is something our customers should consider. 

Flooring with a non-slip tread is ideal for commercial vehicles as it provides added safety for the operator as well as security for equipment being stored inside. We offer plywood, mesh, and rubber cargo walls and flooring, as well as carpet and vinyl options.


Windows not only increase driver visibility, but they also provide passengers and or valuable work equipment with added privacy and security.

Here at Tradesform, our windows are made from fixed or sliding formats. Every window installed in one of our commercial vehicle fit-outs is made from industrial-toughened glass, and all window openings are rust-proof. This ensures the vehicle’s quality and longevity.

Each installation also comes with a five-year warranty, and we offer window tinting on request.


To ensure the highest quality, safety and longevity, we install Tech Safe seating across all our commercial vehicle fit-outs. 

We offer a number of suitable seating types including side-folding seats, fixed coach seats (perfect for minibuses), and our range of classic, premier and safety excel van seats. 

Headrests and armrests are also available as an added extra, and we can upholster them according to each customer’s requirements.


Enquire Now

The team at Auto Extras have decades of experience in commercial and disability vehicle fit-outs. To find out how we can help you, give us a call on 1800 811 626 or contact us.

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